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Complete, End-to-End Service

Malin React’s clients can benefit from complete turnkey mobilisations and operations delivered on time and to budget.

Our typical scope is summarised here and explained, in detail, in sections thereafter.

Malin React's turnkey Project Management process
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Planning & Seafastening
Mobilisation & Installation
Setting to Work & Acceptance
Discrete Operations

Planning & Sea-fastening Preparation

Malin React’s team will carefully plan the mobilisation, installation, setting to work and, where appropriate, offshore phases of the project. This activity is crucial to the project’s success as it represents the primary opportunity to drive out risk and cost; whatever remains is largely locked in thereafter.

Malin React draws on its in-house Naval Architecture and Engineering team in Aberdeen, which can be augmented, as required, by the strength and depth available within the wider Malin Group.

Malin React’s technical capability is complemented by the team’s hard-won practical expertise. From mobilisation planning and asset selection through to the development lifting plans and deployment analyses, clients can be confident in Malin React’s practical, real-world solutions.

Seafastenings, grillages and other steelwork can be fabricated in-house and marshalled in-advance, prior to installation on marine assets.

Fabrication Capability
Malin seafastening arrangements, drawings and certification
Design, Structural FEA and fabrication prepared for the mobilisation of a T-750 trencher to Grand Canyon 2. All the works were DNV approved, were installed on time and on budget.
Malin React's Planning & Sea-fastening Process

Mobilisation & Installation

Malin React regularly conducts mobilisations on its clients’ behalf. We understand that on any mobilisation time is money; the inherent financial consequences for schedule overruns in mobilisations are significant. Malin React manage this risk for a client, conducting mobilisations on a turnkey basis and can carry the contractual liability for delay.

We typically manage mobilisation activities end to end, including provision of all the required support services, and the management of all stakeholders. Mobilisations are managed and overseen by our Project Management and Technical teams.

Specialist support services are arranged as required. Malin React maintains relationships with suitable subcontractors at ports around the UK through the Mobilisation Alliance.

The entire process is underpinned by by Malin React’s rigorous commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental assurance.

On-Site Welding
Malin React's Planning & Sea-fastening Process

Setting to Work & Acceptance

Setting to work and acceptance is managed by Malin React’s on-site Project and Technical team, augmented by our offshore staff. Where necessary, approved electrical and hydraulic contractors can provide specialist skill sets. The on-site team has direct and continuous access to the Engineering Team in Aberdeen, allowing them to rapidly manage technical changes or requirements during mobilisation 24/7.

Load testing is conducted under third party Classification Society witness, with Malin React overseeing NDT and final Classification Society approval. Objective Quality Evidence is captured throughout for Client acceptance and can be provided either traditionally or using our Survey+ system.

We endeavour to complete every mobilisation ahead of schedule and usually succeed.

Malin React Load Testing and A-Frame under third party witness
Typical LARS load test conducted as part of Setting to Work
Malin React's Setting to Work and Acceptance Process

Discrete Operations

The real benefit to our clients lies in taking advantage of the full array of Malin React’s skillsets; we have the capability to conduct entire turnkey operations on our clients’ behalf. We can deliver entire offshore projects from end to end, inclusive of planning, vessel and asset charter, mobilisation, offshore operations and demobilisation.

Malin React's Offshore Operations and Planning room


Careful and comprehensive planning is the key to minimising risk and delivering a successful project.

The Project Execution Plan follows the Malin React offshore project planning road map to make sure that all support functions, tools and subject matter experts are prepared & ready to act in the required timescale.

We aim to establish the team, and mature the preferred equipment and vessel, selection process in parallel with developing the full suite of documents which are used to plan and discharge the operational scope. These will establish roles and responsibilities for the team whilst layering in environmental and safety aspects to ensure the limitations and capabilities of the systems being deployed and all its facets are well understood.

Malin React - selection of assets and vessels for offshore operations


Whilst Malin React has the benefit of being vessel, equipment, owner and sector independent, it works closely with a number of ship brokers and individual ship operators and owners, covering the whole spectrum of potential vessel types. Malin has long-standing in-house chartering capability which can be used to support or advise charter party aspects.

Similarly, Malin React enjoys strong relations with companies capable of supplying a range of deck equipment and ROVs, from light work class electric to full ocean depth hydraulically powered vehicles.

Our team has an array of supporting tools at its disposal at all times to facilitate informed decisions ensuring that the down selection is robust, reportable and auditable, and allow assets to be secured as required. Desktop tooling includes vessel seakeeping RAOs, Orcaflex, Go-No-Go practical analysis or MS Project critical path analysis, which all ensure that informed decisions can be made both ahead the operational phase of the project and whilst offshore.

Malin React - safe offshore operations


The offshore phase is managed in accordance with the Project Execution Plan, by a suitably experienced Malin React Offshore Manager. The Offshore Manager will assume ownership of all interfaces between the Ships Master and the Client’s project team, and manage a ‘rainbow’ team of experts to safely discharge the operational scope.

Offshore operations will be conducted in accordance with the Method Statements, Procedures and Risk Assessments prepared during planning stages. Daily Reports are provided to the Client. Typically the offshore team includes a Malin React Offshore Project Engineer to provide reactive technical support and manage emergent issues.

Malin React's Offshore Operations Process Diagram


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